The Start of My Whiskey Journey

Hello! Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Ty. I am a guy that ended up loving bourbon. Typical, I know. More than the actual bourbon though, I ended up falling in love with the conversations and the friendships that came out of it.

I started drinking bourbons in college, such as Evan Williams and Wild Turkey. Then I was introduced to brands such as Maker’s Mark and Basil Hayden’s. My taste in bourbon (and the options I could now afford) started to expand. I ended up finding a bourbon called, Eagle Rare 10 year. As much as I enjoyed that bourbon, I enjoyed spending the time with Pops and the conversations we had.

When my wife and I first started dating, she suggested that we visit a few distilleries on the bourbon trail. Buffalo Trace was my first distillery tour and I got to meet a man named Freddie Johnson. I had no idea how important this man was to the bourbon world, but I knew that his passion was contagious. He convinced me to buy this bottle of bourbon called, Blanton’s. The rest was history!

I started collecting and trying different bourbons and ended up creating a nice little collection. My wife suggested that I create an Instagram page to track my different bottles. Her thought was, as the years pass and different bottles are finished, I would be able to look back and remember certain bottles.

I loved the idea but even more so, I loved the idea of looking back at certain bottles and remembering their story.

I have realized that there are so many stories out there to be told. I would like to pour each of us a glass, share my story, and hear yours!


Ty The Bourbon Guy