The Oak Bottle App

The creators of the Oak Bottle App reached out to me recently, asking me to test out their new app. Here is some additional information about the company and my full review of the app.

Oak Bottle, LLC was founded in 2013 in Chicago, Illinois by Joel Paglione. The focus was designing the fastest oak aging vessel ever created. After a successful few years, they launched their first Kickstarter for the Oak Bottle where they successfully raised over $110,000 in just about 30 days. The Kickstarter also allowed them to launch follow-up products such as the aged cocktail book, the levitating cocktail glass and the oak tumbler.

Oak Bottle created an app that allows you to post and share tasting notes of different spirits with friends.

Features I Liked

I’ll start with the overall look and feel of the app. Very clean and easy to navigate. There wasn’t too much to try to figure out and the app didn’t seem crowded.

I love the idea of capturing the color of the bourbon. Especially when experimenting with additional oak finishing.

There are tons of aroma and tasting notes to choose from. I think this will really help those who are new to tasting/reviewing think of additional notes and increase their tasting depth.

Features I Disliked

This app is made for those who enjoy tasting spirits and want to share their tasting experiences with friends. The enthusiasts that would potentially use this app will most likely have a wide variety of spirits to taste. For me, there were quite a few bourbons that I tried to taste that were not included in the tasting lists. The bourbons that I tasted are not rare bourbons and should have been included in the listing.

There were a few bourbons that I looked for that had multiple options. However, there was nothing showing me what the difference was between the selections.

Although I love the color capture feature, I couldn’t match a color that was even close to what I was tasting.

Features I Would Add

I would suggest consistency. Something as simple as eliminating abbreviations and making sure the name of the spirit is capitalized. For example:

Instead of – ew bib 100

Try – Evan Williams Bottled in Bond

I just feel this makes for a cleaner look.

Spirit Categories That I Would Add

I know that most potential users will already know that bourbon is in fact, a whiskey. However, most people don’t know “what’s the difference between bourbon and whiskey.” I get asked that question more than anything else. If scotch is going to be split out as its own spirit category, it might be beneficial to either split out bourbon, american whiskey, or have one category of Whisky.

Tasting Categories/Notes That I Would Add

I thought Oak Bottle did an excellent job including plenty of tasting categories and notes. I would recommend leaving this as is!

Would I Recommend This App?

I would recommend this app. I think there are a few improvements that are needed first, though. For me, once the app doesn’t work the way I would like for it once or twice, then I just move on to another app.

Overall Thoughts

I think this would be a really cool thing to share among bourbon societies, communities and friends. Be on the look out for the release of the Oak Bottle App!