Bardstown – Discovery Series #3


Bardstown Bourbon Company is quickly making a name for itself, focusing on transparency, collaboration, and creativity. Bardstown created the Fusion and Discovery series and both, at the time of this post, are on the third batch of the series.


Bardstown explains the percentage, origin, age, and mash bill of each part of the blend.


On the nose, I get floral notes mixed with Honey Nut Cheerios and toasted marshmallows.


There is a great transition from the nose to the palate. The floral and sweetness both come through along with dry oak (or what I would assume dry oak might taste like).


Caramel spice on the finish which I would consider medium – long.


I become more impressed with Bardstown Bourbon Company with each bottle I try. I think other whiskey companies should take notes from Bardstown. They are showing the world that it is possible to collaborate, source, blend, remain transparent, and still create amazing products. If you aren’t familiar with Bardstown, you should get familiar because they are only going to become more and more popular. Cheers!